Chuck Todd Has A Simple Response To Those Who Say It's Too Soon To Discuss Gun Control

"Why is now not the time?"

Following Sunday night's shooting in Las Vegas, in which 59 people were killed and hundreds more injured, many politicians, activists, and celebrities called for a discussion about gun violence in the United States, and emphasized the need for stricter gun legislation to prevent future tragedies.

However, not everyone wanted to talk about gun control. Some declared it "too soon," accusing those criticizing the NRA or calling on Congress to take action of "politicizing" a tragedy. This was echoed by White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who said during a briefing, "I think that we can have those policy conversations, but today is not that day."

On Tuesday's Meet the Press, anchor Chuck Todd had a simple response to such comments, and it only took him a minute to share them. "Why is now not the time?" he asked, before going on to compare the response to the Las Vegas shooting to those after other crises and tragedies in the nation's recent history:

When planes flew into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, did we say, "Now is not the time to talk about terrorism or homeland security?" When our banking system nearly collapsed in 2008, did we say, "Now is not the time to talk about financial regulation?" When we heard that some 140 million people's records had been breached at Equifax, did we say, "Now is not the time to talk about cyber security?" When we learned about Russian meddling, and fake news, and cyber bots, did we say, "Now is not the time to talk about regulating Twitter and Facebook?" When North Korea launched long range missiles and claimed to have exploded a hydrogen bomb, did we say, "Now is not the time to talk about nuclear proliferation?"

"The point is, this is exactly the right time to start talking about any issue, gun violence included," Todd continued, adding, "If we applied the same logic to every other debate and every other crisis that this country faces that we do to the gun debate, we never would have focused on any of those issues, either."

Some of the late-night talk show hosts also responded to the "too soon" argument, including Jimmy Kimmel, who had delivered an emotional monologue the previous night. As he said on Tuesday, "It's not 'too soon' for us, because we're Americans and last time I checked, the First Amendment is at least as important as the Second Amendment, so we will talk about it. Shame on you for suggesting we do otherwise."

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah took similar aim at Fox News, pointing to the network's coverage of last year's Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando — when hosts and guests called for "vetting" Muslims entering the country — as precisely the "politicizing" that's now being condemned when it relates to guns.

Stephen Colbert, meanwhile, inserted some of his signature humor into his response on The Late Show, saying of Press Secretary Sanders' comment, "It's like your alcoholic uncle wrapping his car around the tree and getting out and saying, 'Today's not the day to talk about my drinking.'"

For information on how to help after the Las Vegas shooting, click here.

(H/T: HuffPost / Entertainment Weekly)


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