Musicians Honor The Late, Great Chuck Berry

The legendary rock 'n' roller died Saturday at age 90.

Musician Chuck Berry died Saturday at his home outside St. Louis. He was 90. Berry was a legend of rock 'n' roll and helped define the genre with hits such as "Johnny B Goode" and "Roll Over Beethoven." He created his own signature guitar sound through combining country, blues and R&B influences. That sounds, combined with his own signature dance moves, that have led fans to flock to his shows since the early 1960s. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seconds his influence on American rock 'n' roll music to only Elvis Presley. "If Elvis Presley cracked open the door for rock 'n' roll, Chuck Berry kicked it wide open — and did his signature duck walk over it for good measure," his biography reads.  

When the news of his death broke, many musicians for whom Berry paved the way took to social media to honor the music legend. 



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