18-Year-Old Sends An Emotional 'Thank You' Message To His Ex

Powerful stuff.

What do you do when the love of your life slips away?

You can be angry and blame everything on them for leaving you when deep down you know it was your fault too. You can be sad and despair that no one nearly as good will ever come your way again. You can try to win them back...

Or you can do what this guy did — say "thank you" and move on.

In his recent video, 18-year-old social media mogul Christopher O'Flyng shares a rather private, and undoubtedly very emotional, piece of his life dedicated to his ex. 

Titled "Love Story," the 3-minute short shows O'Flyng addressing his past relationship and dropping some serious knowledge bombs on what it means to truly love and lose someone.


Check out Chris' full video below:

As Christopher writes in the video description, it is based on a letter he wrote "for someone after a breakup."

Simple and sincere, his message is a good source of inspiration for anyone dealing with post-breakup blues, and not knowing how to get over that special someone.

As for Chris — hang tight! We're pretty sure a new muse will come along real soon.


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