Spoken Word Artist Christopher Martinez Delivers A Powerful Poem About Being Mexican-American

“To be Mexican-American, one must work twice as hard.”

Christopher Martinez unapologetically loves yoga, Star Wars, hip-hop, and spring rolls. 

But what's there to be sorry about? 

As the Mexican-American poet explains in his "An Untitled Brown Poem" piece, "I'm tired of working twice as hard to impress both Mexicans and Americans."

Martinez's powerful poem paints a candid picture about what it's like to represent an intersection of cultures without real acceptance from either. 

He doesn't fully grasp the Spanish language, for which he's shunned by some Mexicans. At the same time, the impacts of colonialism have left him feeling like "an outcast in places my family has felt was home forever."

"Dare me to be anything different and be let down," Martinez says passionately during his recent performance of the piece at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam in Greensboro, N.C., which Button Poetry shared on YouTube. 

"I'm Mexican-American, so pull up to my barrio bumping A Tribe Called Quest with some spring rolls, 'cause I'm not working double to get shit on twice," he says.


Check out his powerful performance in the video below:


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