Parents Give Their Kids The Best Present Ever, And They Didn't 'Buy' It Anywhere

Now THAT is a special Christmas.

When Christmas comes around this year, tons of children will get electronics, new toys or maybe even a bicycle. But in one house, the gift came in a different form: a stack of papers.

YouTuber Sarah Perks uploaded a video in April showing her husband delivering the gift-wrapped adoption papers to three of their foster children right before Christmas. Their teary-eyed, hug-filled reactions say it all, and remind us that there is no greater gift than the gift of family.

Latest reports show that in the United States, there are 114,556 children in the foster care system waiting for adoption. That's 114,556 children like the ones in the video you are about to watch looking for a family. If you'd like to know how you can help, you can check out AdoptUsKids.


Here is the Perks' touching Christmas moment:


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