You Would Never Expect Five Middle-Aged Men To Move Like This

They got the moves like Jagger.

If there was a Christmas brilliance award, these funky dads could win without even competing.

Because what can be better than a troupe of five middle-aged men wearing tacky Christmas sweaters and shaking it off to a festive dubstep remix?

Presenting, the Christmas Jumpers. 


Amazed much?

This wisely filmed video is actually a new commercial by the U.K. supermarket chain Sainsbury's and features a professional dance crew promoting their new Christmas clothing range. Must admit, even this fact doesn't rob us of the pure joy when watching this video. 

Check out another beautiful Christmas ad by Sainsbury's that will take you a 100 years back to the trenches of First World War: They Had Guns Pointed At Each Other But Then A Miracle Happened

(H/T: Elite Daily ; Sainsbury's)

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