Christmas Singers From 'The Hood' Raise Important Point About Prejudice

You didn't see that coming.

It was your typical day in the holiday season in the Estates of Saratoga, a suburban neighborhood, in Louisville, Kentucky. That changed when a group of five young African-American men wearing dark clothing entered the quiet and mostly Caucasian neighborhood.

The men approached a house decorated for Christmas and rang the doorbell. A timid Caucasian woman nervously opened the door and looked strangely at the gentlemen. 


One man suspiciously reached into his jacket.

The scared woman slammed the door, but didn't realize that the item man pulled out of his jacket was a chromatic pitch pipe for singing. The men snapped their fingers and sang the classic Christmas carol, "Little Drummer Boy."

The woman opened the door, laughed and smiled at the beautiful rendition of this Christmas tune.

Prankster Tom Mabe produced this video entitled Brothers Bring The Hood To The 'Burbs At Christmas - Prank!

"A lot of pranksters like pranking in the hood," Mabe said in the video. "Today, I'm bring the hood to the 'burbs."

The five singers in the video were Ekoe Alexandra, Big Rome, Darius Towns, Montre Davis and Shon Lacy.

While the intent of the video is humorous, there is a profound social message here. The singers challenged the suburban residents' preconceived notions about people from 'the hood' by showing them a side that they normally don't see in the media. In many ways, the five singers are spreading more than just Christmas cheer, but also social awareness.

The singers also rang another doorbell in the neighborhood.

A Caucasian man walked out of the second home.

"Can I do something for you guys?" he doubtfully asked them.

The singers snapped their fingers and sang one of the best versions of "O Come All Yea Faithful" that you'll ever hear.

The man liked their performance so much that he asked his wife to join him.

After their performance, he invited the singers to come inside for a drink.

One of the singers said, "thank you for not calling the police."

Watch the full video:


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