15 Elaborate Christmas Decor Fails

Choose carefully or you'll end up on this list.

1. Happy two thousand fifteenth birthday, Jesus.


2. Christmas decorations... Lazy style.

3. Christmas pornaments.

4. We don't like that grin on his face.

5. Superclaus.

6. We put this one here to mess with your dirty mind.

7. A+ for the idea.

8. Someone spent a lot of money on these.

9. Merry Christmas from your motherboard.

10. Some people just don't know when to stop.

11. WHY?

12. Interesting collection.

13. This one was probably made by people who actually give a s*it.

14. One word: awkward.

15. We'll take one of each.

Dear Santa, please don't let this happen to us!

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