She Left A Pile Of Diapers In A Store's Bathroom To Help Out Other Moms

"I once found myself in this exact spot ..."

Christina Causland was shopping at HomeGoods in California when she discovered something unexpected in the store's bathroom. She spotted a pile of new diapers and wipes with a note from a mystery mom named Sarah.

Causland was touched by the sweet gesture, and posted a photo of the note and the thoughtful donation on Instagram:


The note read, "I once found myself in this exact same spot with a newborn with a crazy blowout and NO DIAPERS or WIPES. An unmitigated disaster, that was! Just in case you have found yourself in the same sort of pickle, I brought in some wipes and diapers to save the day. Good luck out there! Happy Holidays! — Sarah"

Causland captioned her post, “I don't know you Sarah, but you're a gem! #gooddeeds #upworthy #HomeGoods #mademyday"

Causland explained to Upworthy that even though she doesn't have kids, the kind donation really resonated with her and she wanted to share it. "I can definitely relate to being in a pinch and not having what I needed. I mostly just wanted to highlight her good deed and pass it along in hopes it would inspire others to do so."

Sarah's kind donation shows that the little things are what make a difference. If someone needs help, a simple act or thoughtful donation can make things so much easier. 


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