Artist Photographs C-Section Babies Right After They Leave The Womb

The miracle of life.


Sweat, anticipation and fear. These three words perfectly sum up the atmosphere outside every delivery room. Including the one where photographer Christian Berthelot's wife was giving birth to their first child.

Shortly after their son was born, Berthelot was offered the opportunity to do a photo series on the profession of midwifery and cesarean birth. This life-changing experience inspired Berthelot to start an ongoing project and thus, CESAR was born.


Kevin, 13 seconds since birth.

With help from Dr. Jean-François Morienval, Berthelot started offering his service to moms who wanted to document the birth of their children, right after they arrive to the world. Since then, he photographed more than 40 C-section babies.

"My perspective on the birth has changed. I discovered the dangers of birth. It is for this reason that I have decided to show the beginnings of a new human being, during the first seconds of his life," Berthelot told A+ in an email.

Liza, 3 seconds since birth.

Romane, 8 seconds since birth.

Before starting his photo series, Berthelot says he had to undergo serious training, both medical and psychological. According to the photographer, the moment between a child being torn out of the womb and begin cradled in someone's arms is extremely short, yet magical and has to be captured with a lot of precision.

"In this space of time everything is possible! This is a unique moment, decisive and magical! It's when a child 'speaks' for the first time: some seem appeased, others scream and gesticulate," Berthelot says.

Louann, 14 seconds since birth.

Léanne, 13 seconds since birth.

According to Berthelot, people react differently to his work: some are fascinated by the unknown, while others express negative opinions or even deny the legitimacy of his photographs.

"I know there are people who react very badly, who find it disgusting. They tell me that I don't have the right to show children in the bloodstream, some even told me that it is not real. This is absurd! Children are not born in cabbages or roses," Berthelot told A+ in an email.

Maël, 18 seconds since birth.

Chloé, 11 seconds since birth.

Steven, 15 seconds since birth.

"Far from all the clichés and platitudes, I wanted to show us as we are when we are born. And regardless, whether a cesarean delivery or natural voice, everyone is born naked, in tears, in blood and other body fluids," Berthelot said, summing up the mission of his project.

Lize, 9 seconds since birth.

To see more of Berthelot's work, visit the his website

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(H/T: Slate)

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