32 Of Chrissy Teigen's Most Chrissy Teigen Tweets For Her 32nd Birthday

"Waiting in a line 38 deep for tater tots. I am ashamed."

To celebrate the supermodel turned social media maven Chrissy Teigen's 32nd year gracing us with her presence, both on Twitter and IRL, we've compiled 32 of her most hilarious, most honest, most Chrissy Teigen tweets. 

Because when it comes to expressing yourself in 280 characters or less, this birthday girl's one in a million. (Let's be real, this list could alternatively be titled "32 More Reasons Why We Love Chrissy Teigen" or, perhaps more specifically, "32 Reasons We Wish Chrissy Teigen Would Adopt Us And Live Tweet Every Moment Spent Together.")


Anyway ... without further ado, we give you the unofficial tsarina of Twitter: 

1. When she pulled back the celebrity curtain and gave us an exclusive sneak peak into her private life:

2. When she set the perfect example for living your best life:

3. When she came up with this game-changing life hack:

4. When she believed in herself so much, she made sure the rest of us (especially John) did, too:

5. When she kindly requested an invitation to THE dog event of the year and delivered an epic clapback at the same time:

6. When she said what we were all thinking about unsolicited dick pics:

7. When she was over trying to keep up with the latest makeup trends:

8. When she again encouraged us all to LIVE. OUR. BEST. LIVES:

9. When she helped her fellow women with some sage dating advice:

10. When she exercised her First Amendment rights for the most worthy of causes:

11. When she gave us a hot tip on the best dish served cold:

12. When she put that whole "personal hygiene" thing in its place:

13. When she proved the best things in life are truly worth waiting for:

14. When she empowered women to get real with themselves and the high stakes of their health care:

15. When her generosity knew no bounds:

16. OK, some bounds:

17. When she owned her flaws and we loved her all the more for it:

18. When she was the most relatable about achieving personal goals:

19. When she made sure her and John's #truelove would stand the test of time ... no matter what it took:

20. When she asserted herself as the real MVP we never knew we needed:

21. When she came up with the latest and greatest idea to hit the golden age of television:

22. When she bestowed some much-needed wisdom on the Beibs:

23. When she revealed the true mastermind behind all her social media magic:

24. When she mastered the art of self-deprecating humor in under 140 characters:

25. When she was unapologetic about her (excellent) taste in music:

26. When she took a brave stand for bagels and their buttery counterparts everywhere:

27. When she made it quite clear that her contributions to John Legend’s success would not go unrecognized:

28. When she overcame the one obstacle standing between her and unlimited access to the kids' menu:

29. When she got hilariously — but unsurprisingly — real about the joys of childbirth:

30. When she couldn't resist trolling her husband and his lack of cleaning products knowledge:

31. When she volunteered as tribute to once again help us all live our BEST lives:

32. When she oh so subtly reminded everyone just whose birthday they should be celebrating:


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