Chris Pratt Gets The Giggles As Santa In 'Mad Lib Theater' With Jimmy Fallon

"What will the little Jennifer Lawrences think?"

Chris Pratt can't seem to stop making us smile lately — whether he's cropping his Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence out of photos on Intstagram or blowing everybody away with an amazing magic trick. So it was only a matter of time before he stopped by The Tonight Show to have a little fun with Jimmy Fallon, just in time for Christmas.

The game Jimmy chooses for them to play is "Mad Lib Theater," made famous last month in a very silly interrogation scene with Benedict Cumberbatch. This time, there's a yuletide twist. Chris plays Santa Claus while Jimmy is an elf suspected of stealing a toy. Before the sketch begins, Jimmy asks Chris to help him fill in the blanks on a game of Mad Libs to form the script.

Chris makes quite a few risqué word choices, and the resulting scene has both of them giggling.


"I was with Pickles," Jimmy the elf says in his defense. "We were listening to The Roots' holiday album and making snow gerbils."

"Hmm, then why did Rudolph see you spanking on the roof?" Santa Pratt wonders. It's safe to say this isn't the version of Christmas most of us grew up with.

Check out the full sketch in the video below and have a giggle of your own:


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