Chris Pratt Isn't Friends With These Velociraptors After They Pull Hilarious Prank On Him

Somehow dinosaurs can still scare him...

After starring in a movie that grossed $500 million in one weekend, you would think no one would mess with you.


Well, that wasn't quite the case for one Chris Pratt, who starred in the blockbuster movie "Jurassic World."

Instead, Pratt got a taste of his own dino-medicine as some prop guys decided to pull one over on him!

The tricksters set up a few hidden cameras, got in costume and then waited it out. 

You would think after spending hours around fake dinosaurs, you would be pretty immune to a velociraptor running up on you.

But no, Pratt and his poor friends got a nice scare out of this one. Someone give the poor guy a break! He works so hard!

Lucky for them, Pratt was a good sport about the whole thing.

Watch the hilarious prank below.


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