Watch Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Answer The Internet's Most Searched Questions About Themselves

"Is Chris Pratt dead?"


"Can Chris Pratt French braid?"

"Can Jennifer Lawrence play the oboe?"

"Is Chris Pratt related to Brad Pitt?"

These are just a few of the most popular internet search questions that come up when you search Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The pair have been on tour promoting their upcoming movie Passengers by playing a round of "Playground Insults," revealing their hidden talents on The Ellen Show, and partaking in crazy card tricks. Most recently, they visited Wired to create a video where they answer some of the internet's most pressing inquiries about them.

We learned a lot about these Passengers co-stars during this interview. For one, in real life, Pratt "is your worst nightmare, if your worst nightmare has to do with laughing." For another, Lawrence was discovered after someone took her picture while she was watching street dancing in New York. 

Their answers are silly and informative, but we're more interested in the people asking these questions. Seriously, why would anyone ask Google if Chris Pratt killed Osama Bin Laden? 

Check out the video above.


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