Chris Pratt And James Corden Take Very Different Approaches To Hiking To The Hollywood Sign

"So this is gonna be, what, two or three nights?"

During his time in London, James Corden decided to show the Brits how he's doing in his new home of Los Angeles by sharing his hiking experience with none other than Chris Pratt. "People in L.A. are obsessed with hiking," the host explained, adding that he doesn't have much experience with it.

As it turns out, Pratt likes to hike "a couple times a week," so he was the perfect person to accompany Corden up to the Hollywood sign. However, Corden may have overprepared for the journey just a little bit. Seven rolls of toilet paper, for example, is probably a bit excessive.


"So this is gonna be, what, two or three nights?" Corden asked Pratt before they started. 

"Probably about 45 minutes, maybe," the actor replied.

As the pair started on their trek, Corden theorized about survival tactics, invoking Running Wild star Bear Grylls. Pratt, however, has completed such feats of fitness as the Murph Challenge for Memorial Day, so he was significantly less concerned about eating his companion for sustenance.

After a little karaoke to The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)," they finally reached their destination and posed for a few selfies. Unfortunately, we don't think Corden quite caught the hiking bug.

See the journey for yourself in the video below:


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