Chris Pratt's Drunk Acting Lesson Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Hone Your Craft. No Conservatory Required.

Andy Dwyer is the ultimate acting coach. Booze helps too.

Chris Pratt — When you hear that name, you probably think of Andy Dwyer from "Parks and Recreation," or Star-Lord from "Guardians of the Galaxy." You probably don't think "ingenious alcohol salesman/life coach." But after watching this video of Pratt drunkenly teaching acting lessons, you'll have an even greater appreciation for this funny guy. It will also probably make you miss "Parks and Rec" even more than you already do. If that were possible.

The tutorial is both entertaining and useful. Pratt presents a range of situations the average person could encounter in their daily lives, and explains how to act when you're confronted with these dilemmas. Ok, so some of these situations might come up more often than others, but if you do ever find yourself facing off against a dinosaur, you'll be glad for Pratt's advice, drunken or not.

Aside from that particular situation, Pratt also teaches you how to act should you come across a snake in the desert, if you're pulled over for having some illicit substances in your glove compartment, or when your children get to that age where they start asking awkward questions.

Basically, if you've got an uncomfortable situation you don't know how to handle, Pratt has advice for you.


Watch the video below:

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