Chris Pratt Offers Important Life Advice To Kids During A 'Jurassic World' Screening

"Because weird isn't weird, weird is creative."

During a screening of the new film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdomkids from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America received a very special surprise from one of the film's stars.

"They don't know I'm coming," Chris Pratt, who stars as Owen, says at the start of a video from the Today show. "We're gonna go blow their minds."


With that, Pratt enters the theater and, of course, the crowd went wild. Pratt then took to a microphone to talk to the kids present, explaining that he himself visited the Boys and Girls Club where he grew up.  

Then, Pratt shared some of his best advice with the audience: "When you're going through life, if someone ever criticizes you or calls you out for something, find that positive spin. Because weird isn't weird, weird is creative. And creative is good. 

"So no matter what someone says about you, if it's bad, or if it's negative, you just brush that off and you find a way to make it positive," Pratt continues. "And you stick to who you are, and one day you can grow up and life can get really, really good for you. So just stay true to yourself."

After that, Pratt reflects on his own career and purpose back outside of the theater.

"I feel so incredibly lucky in my life and I've worked hard but half of what I've gained is the result of just dumb luck and chance. And so I feel as though I've been given an opportunity and a platform — I'm a person of faith and I believe that there's a reason that I've been given this opportunity — [and] the only way for me to pay off a debt that I would incur by getting such an amazing life is to just reach out to kids and be there for them and to accept this responsibility as a mentor, and as someone who will usher a new generation of kids to be kind-hearted, open-minded, thoughtful, caring, and proud of who they are."

You can watch all of Pratt's surprise unfold in the full video above.


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