Chris Pine Plays Your Co-Worker From Hell To Encourage Americans To Vote

Who gets voted into Congress is some ways more consequential than who the president is.

Voting is perhaps the single most important civic duty that anyone can participate in, but politicians and political organizations often struggle to boost voter turnout. This election, each ballot cast seems particularly significant. President Obama has zigzagged across the country, giving speeches to ecstatic crowds at rallies and making appearances on late night talk shows to urge Americans — particularly young ones — to go out and vote. 

One of the organizations making a huge push towards millennial voters is the digital production company Save The Day. In one of their videos recently released, Save The Day reminds voters that down-ballot races are just as important as the presidential election, with a crazed Chris Pine emulating Congress' behavior these past few years.

From shutting down the company to refusing a new hire because he was picked by the boss, Pine wackily portrays all the ways that Congress failed to do its job. The video, titled "If Congress Was Your Co-Worker," is funny, but also spookily on point. 


Congress has a powerful ability to impede or advance the the president's job, and Congressional Republicans, particularly after taking back the House and Senate in 2010, made it near-impossible for Obama to sign progressive bills into law. Their clash led to Congress' plummeting approval ratings; earlier this year, a measly 13 percent of Americans approved of the job Congress was doing.

The lesson? Vote — not only in the presidential race, but for down-ballot elections, too. Because as we've seen during Obama's two terms, who gets voted into Capitol Hill is many ways more consequential than who the president is.


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