Chris Pine Says The Response To His Latest Nude Scene Points To A Double Standard

"It got a lot of attention."

Actor Chris Pine has taken note of the response to his full-frontal nude scene in the upcoming Netflix movie Outlaw King. Since the film screened at the Toronto International Film Festival last month, the moment has made headlines across the internet, and the star recently made an important observation about how we talk about male and female nudity on screen.

"I bear the 'full monty' and it got a lot of attention," Pine told British talk show host Graham Norton, according to ET Online. "I thought the witty reviews were brilliant, but what did strike me most is that [co-star] Florence Pugh bares everything too and no one commented."


"I am not sure what that means," he added. "Either people think they can't comment or everyone expects women to get naked. Either way, it's double standards."

It's true that nudity is more common for women on screen than men. In fact, a 2016 report found that women were nearly three times as likely as men to appear nude in Hollywood films. The study from Mount Saint Mary's University looked at the 100 top-grossing films of 2014, and found that 26 percent of female characters appeared completely or partially nude compared to just 9 percent of men.

It's a topic Pine has spoken about before. When the actor appeared partially nude in last year's blockbuster Wonder Woman, he told Entertainment Tonight, "It was fun to be objectified for a day. I was thinking this happens to women so, so much, it's about time. While that was fun, I think it's the most compassionate I've felt toward women on what they may feel being sidelined or made to feel less important."

Other stars have also spoken out about the issue over the years. In 2016, Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke told James Corden that she thinks there's "a little bit of inequality" in how often women are depicted nude on the series compared to men. "I think that should be even," she added, echoing similar comments from co-star Natalie Dormer.

However, some series have made a point to show more naked men, including past HBO series The Leftovers. As showrunner Damon Lindelof told TVLine last year that "if you're going to do a show on HBO, which is one of the few places where you can do full frontal nudity, there's no excuse not to show more dongs."

We'd say that sums things up pretty well.

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