Chris Pine And Jimmy Fallon Have A Little Too Much Fun Playing Inflatable Flip Cup

"Why is yours fatter?"

One of Jimmy Fallon's favorite games to play with his celebrity guests is Flip Cup. But it would be boring if he played it the same way every time. So, naturally, last night he and Chris Pine played an inflatable version.

Inflatable Flip Cup is exactly like regular Flip Cup, but with one tiny difference — the competitors wear inflatable fat suits.

You might think this would making drinking and flipping the cups more difficult, but not for Chris Pine. He was actually disappointed his suit wasn't bigger, asking Jimmy, "Why is yours fatter?"

"Well, I've been doing this longer," Jimmy explained.


The two of them spent so much time busting a move, it seemed like they'd never start the game.

Once they'd gotten all the silliness out of their systems, it was time to play. Jimmy really should have thought twice about whose fat suit was bigger, because Chris totally owned him. He flipped his cups with ease while Jimmy struggled with his own.

Chris wasn't shy about celebrating his victory, either.

Better luck next time, Jimmy.

Watch all the fun in the video below:


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