This Guy Got 76 Seats For The Price Of One. Find Out How.


Who needs a private jet when you can have a private 76-seater regional plane operated by Delta?

Chris O'Leary told ABC News that he had missed the loudspeaker pages at the airport inviting him to board an earlier flight to New York. His original flight kept getting delayed so he waited comfortably at his hotel until the airline sent a notification to his phone alerting him of his new departure time.

Meanwhile, back at the Cleveland airport, O'Leary's fellow passengers were cramming onto an earlier flight, perhaps suffering through crying babies and entitled jerks reclining seats all the way back onto their laps.

When O'Leary finally boarded his flight, he took to Twitter to post updates of the experience for his followers.


Although the plane ultimately returned to the gate to pick up a second passenger, O'Leary's story has inspired and entertained his Twitter followers and the Internet at large:


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