Chris Martin Performs With His Kids, Proving Talent Runs In The Family

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and his kids spent some quality time together during a recent event benefiting the Malibu Boys and Girls Club. Martin brought his daughter Apple, 12, and son Moses, 10, on stage with him to perform. 

Apple took over the mic to sing Ariana Grande's "Just a Little Bit of Your Heart" while her dad accompanied her on the piano. Pardon the pun, but it seems the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


Neither does the Moses, although it may not be quite as clever to say. Martin played the guitar as his son sang "House of Gold" by Twenty One Pilots. We shouldn't forget that the kids' mother Gwyneth Paltrow is also a talented singer in her own right, having performed in the movie Country Strong and in a guest role on Glee.

It's not the first time Martin has performed with his kids. Earlier this year he brought them on stage with him to close Coldplay's show at the Glastonbury Festival in England. Paltrow shared an Instagram video, taken from backstage, of the kids singing "Up & Up."

It's great to see the family bonding through music. Add honorary member James Corden into the mix, and they could create a whole new amazing band.

(H/T: E! Online)


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