This NFL Player Is Giving Up Six Games' Worth Of Pay To Educate Charlottesville's Youth

"Playing for a couple scholarships is the least I could do in my community, and it’s my pleasure."

To combat hate, NFL star Chris Long is giving up a few paychecks. The Philadelphia Eagles revealed he will give up this season's first six games' worth of pay to fund two scholarships for students to attend his alma mater of St. Anne's-Belfield School in Charlottesville, Va.


"In August, we watched people fill our hometown streets with hatred and bigotry. Megan and I decided to try to combat those actions with our own positive investment in our community," Long said in a statement announcing this initiative as part of the Chris Long Foundation, referencing the Unite the Right rally in the Virginian city that turned violent when a car plowed into a crowd of peaceful counterprotesters, leaving one demonstrator dead and 19 others injured — something he has spoken out about on social media in the past.

The 32-year-old defensive end played high school football for the Charlottesville-based school, from which he graduated from in 2004, and this initiative will provide two members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Virginia with the chance to attend there, too. It will give these two students a seven-year, all-expenses-paid school program to one of Virginia's top institutions.

"Playing for a couple scholarships is the least I could do in my community, and it's my pleasure. Football has given so many of us a great platform and the resources to make a difference," Long tweeted. "Promoting educational opportunity is a great way to improve a community. As my foundation looks to increase presence domestically, this is where we've decided to focus. I'm only one of many players doing things like this."

The Eagles player went on to say that while this will only affect a couple of kids, it's just a part of what his foundation is doing to help others "this year and beyond in the space of educational equity and opportunity." On top of that, he "more than anything" hopes that "our efforts will inspire others to invest time, money, or passion into our communities and into our kids."

This is just one act of kindness we've seen in the wake of Charlottesville. We've had Arnold Schwarzenegger ask us to "terminate hate," we've seen celebrities such as George and Amal Clooney make massive donations to fight it, and we've had everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Zendaya and even a Miss America contestant speak out against it.

(H/T: The Wrap | Sports Illustrated)

Cover image via @laflamablanca95 / Instagram


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