Father Surprises The Cop Who Saved Him When He Was Just 5 Years Old

"Remember me?"

In a video uploaded to Facebook, 24-year-old Chris Jones interrupts Officer James Poole during an interview, shaking his hand and asking Poole if he remembers him. According to NBC4, Poole saved Jones from drowning in a pool back in 1997. 

Now, 19 years later, Jones had the opportunity to surprise Poole and thank him for saving his life.

"Are you serious?" Poole says when Jones arrives. "Wow." 

After an emotional embrace, Jones explains: 


"Because of you, I'm still here. Because of you, this 5-year-old little girl right here ... is here."

And though Poole says he was "just doing [his] job," it's evident how much the pair mean to each other. 

Perhaps we should all take the opportunity to thank those who have, in some big or small way, impacted our lives for the better. 

Be sure to watch the full video below for more:


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