Let This Astronaut Brighten Your Day With Optimism About 2015

So true, and so refreshing.

If you've been awake for the last year, you have probably felt the burden of a world full of evil and sadness.

From impoverished, war-torn countries to disappearing planes and racial tension, 2014 was full of headlines that reflected our collective fear, sadness and anger. 

But just because bad news tends to dominate the news cycle doesn't mean things are falling apart; in fact, it doesn't even mean there is more "bad" out there than "good." Astronaut Chris Hadfield seems to understand this concept, and in a recent YouTube video he tackles it with not just with facts, but with a calm voice of reason.

In a short two minutes, Hadfield lets you in on how he views the world, and it's a damn beautiful thing.

(H/T: Mashable)

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