Chris Evans Pays Tribute To Young Fan Who Passed Away After Years-Long Battle With Cancer

"He was a true warrior."

Whether he knows it or not, Chris Evans constantly reminds us that he doesn't just play a superhero on the big screen — he is one in the real world, too. Our very own Captain America recently posted a moving tribute to a young fan who passed away from a battle with c ancer.


"Damon had the kind of strength I only pretend to have on screen," the Gifted star tweeted as condolences in response to the sad news. "He was a true warrior. Brave, selfless, compassionate, and proud. I feel so grateful for his friendship. Sending all my love to you and your family, Brian."

The 13-year-old San Antonio, Texas, native was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 9, according to a GoFundMe started back in 2014. According to the American Cancer Society, osteosarcoma is one of the most common types of bone cancers, and most cases occur in children and young adults.

During the years-long battle, Damon garnered a lot of support from celebrities and non-celebrities alike, and inspired many. It's clear he and Evans had a sweet friendship, with the two having a bit of a back and forth. Brian even noted on the GoFundMe how Evans would direct message Damon for conversations.

According to the latest GoFundMe update, Damon had a motto: "Strength isn't how much one can lift! Strength is how much one can lift others!" 

These wise words are certainly something we could — and should — all take to heart.

(H/T: People)

Cover image: Tinseltown / Shutterstock | @happy2badad / Twitter


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