Chris Evans Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions, But It's His 10-Year-Old Co-Star Who Steals The Show

"You'll learn about the consequences and never-ending life of the internet later."

Chris Evans is the latest celebrity to take part in Wired's Autocomplete Interview video series, where celebrities respond to the most searched questions about them on Google. The questions are curated using autocorrect. The Wired team types in words such as "does" and "what is," and make a list of the autocorrected questions that follow.

Previously, the video series has shown us how hilarious Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are when they're sitting in a room together, the sweet dynamic between Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, and reminded us why we're such huge fans of Samuel L. Jackson

Chris Evans is currently promoting his new film Gifted, a drama where he plays a single guy raising his math prodigy niece in Florida. He met with the Wired team to participate in the latest installment in the video series, but it was his 10-year-old co-star Mckenna Grace who really steals the spotlight. Grace, who plays Evan's niece in the film, is clearly beautifully kind, confident, and outspoken. 

When Grace finds out that Evans can, in fact, sing, she urges him to show the audience some proof. Evans is very much not into the idea. "You'll learn about the consequences in the never-ending life of the internet later," he replied. 

In addition to the singing, we learn he can also tap dance and play the trumpet. Oh, and apparently he's obsessed with jelly beans. 

Check it out in the video below:



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