He Has Been Recreating His Daughter's Selfies For Over A Year. And The Photos Are As Funny As Ever.

"This whole thing has brought us closer."

Some dads have no clue how to use social media, while others may know how to use it a little too well. This can be a blessing and a curse for their kids who always seem to get featured in embarrassing social media posts, but will likely appreciate the memories later on.  

Cassie Martin, the daughter of comedian Chris Burr Martin, knows this all too well since her dad has been recreating her selfies in Instagram posts since April 2016. 

The comedian explained in an Instagram post how the selfies started. He wrote that instead of telling Cassie to stop talking "sexy selfies" he thought recreating her photos was a better idea. 

"On Facebook, you can see when someone posts a photo. Under that are usually some comments," he told A Plus via email. "Well, there was one photo that Cassie posted that was getting some crude comments from some 'boys' and I thought, instead of arguing with them, I would try to lighten the mood of the comment section, while also reminding them that her dad was watching." 


"So, I posed like her and posted it in the comment section asking, 'What about me, guys?' A couple deleted their comments and for others, it did lighten the mood."

Martin continued to recreate more selfies making use of household objects, fake tattoos, and spot-on facial expressions. So, it was no surprise when the photos went viral in June of 2016.

Over a year has passed since the comedian started recreating Cassie's selfies, and he's still going strong.

He now has 149,000 followers and Cassie has 74,000 followers. 

Martin told A Plus that Cassie's reaction to the photos has always been positive. "She thought it was funny. I'm not a hard-nosed dad. I'd rather talk stuff out, so she knew that was my sense of humor trying to teach her a lesson, and [she] thought they were funny. Especially when her friends started sharing them." 

The selfies have even helped strengthen their father-daughter bond.

"This whole thing has brought us closer for understanding each other," Martin reflected. "We were flown down to L.A. and it was fun. Just me and her on this weird adventure."

Martin reveals that they have never collaborated on photos — except for one time when he asked Cassie where she got a filter— but the selfie copying is becoming a family affair. 

For Father's Day, Cassie trolled her dad on social media by copying one of his photos.

For Mother's Day, Martin also posted the first selfie of his wife.

And he's also recreated a few of his son's photos.

Martin told A Plus that he hopes the photos simply give people a good laugh, but that he also would like people to consider the impact a social media post can have on a person's life. " Also, just being cautious about what you post on social media. We actually did a panel at a local Comic-Con on the dangers of posting things, and some of the things that can happen to you if you go viral overnight like we did. It was scary."

Through it all, however, the two have taken it in stride, laughing all the way, while their fans laugh with them. 

Take a look at more of Martin's hilarious selfie recreations:

(H/T: Mashable)


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