Think New York Is Big? Wait Till You See China's New 'Mega City.'

Holy cow.

The United States' largest city is New York, with just over 8 million people.

And that's still three million short of Chongqing, the fifth largest city in China that boasts over 11 million people. It's now considered a "megacity" and its recent explosion has been featured by photographer Tim Franco, who put together Metamorpolis


"One of the restaurants is a restaurant pirate-themed bar and they just have this pirate ship that is completely random overlooking the river," Franco said. "It kind of represents all the random things you see in China."

When he says "weird stuff," he might be referring to things like this...

In this ever-growing city, the residents react differently than Westerners might to the massive amounts of people and constant construction.

"If you put a Westerner in that city, it can be really depressing really quickly," Franco said in an interview with BBC. "It's chaotic everywhere; sound, construction, for Westerners it's very hard, but I'm amazed at how the local people adapt. For them, the most important thing is to feel that things are going forward."

"This is what's happening I think everywhere in China," Franco added. "As long as they have the feel that things are moving forward and that they are making more money than the year before... they are feeling lucky to be a part of this amazing time."

Described as a "mountain city," Chongqing sits on the Yangtze river and is now attracting tourists from China and all over the world not just for its goliath and growing size, but for the natural wonders and beautiful landscape.

Check out more of this amazing city in Tim Franco's photo series Metamorpolis or in the BBC video below.


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