Chobani Yogurt Company Pays Off Outstanding Lunch Debt For Kids

"Every child should have access to natural, nutritious & delicious food."

Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya announced that the yogurt company would be paying off the school lunch debt of students in Warwick, Rhode Island.


The announcement came after Warwick School District was criticized for its policy to serve cold sunbutter and jelly sandwiches, instead of a warm lunch, to kids who owed the school money for lunch. When the school refused an offer from a local restaurant owner to pay off the debt, public criticism mounted. The district eventually announced it was reversing its policy.

But Ulukaya still decided to pay off the debt on behalf of the students.

"Every child should have access to natural, nutritious & delicious food, so @Chobani is doing our small part to help pay this debt," he tweeted. "Business must do its part.. our responsibility as members of community. who will join us?"

A Chobani representative told CBS News that the school had accepted its donation.

As national attention around the policy mounted, the school district said 1,653 students owed a total of $77,000 for lunch and could not continue to mount the debt.

Now, though, Chobani is stepping in to pay off the balance and relieve the students of their debt.  


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