Olympian Chloe Kim Photobombs Fans With Jimmy Fallon And Receives A Surprise Of Her Own

She should win another gold medal for this.

One of our favorite recurring segments on The Tonight Show involves host Jimmy Fallon teaming up with a celebrity guest to photobomb unsuspecting fans while they have their picture taken. This week, in honor of the Olympics, Fallon was joined in the adorable tradition by 17-year-old snowboarder Chloe Kim, who recently won the gold medal for Team USA in the women's halfpipe.

While fans of the Olympics posed for photos on a pretend winner's podium, Kim and Fallon sneaked out behind them to make funny faces, hold fake torches, and even share a sandwich. At one point, Fallon even donned a blonde wig and knit cap to match Kim.


Of course, they didn't wait long to reveal themselves, bringing smiles to people's faces and giving out hugs. Fans were quick to congratulate Kim on her achievement, with one woman telling her, "You are amazing."

Afterward, it was Kim's turn for a surprise. She's already made the cover of Sports Illustrated, but Fallon pointed out that there's another cover athletes dream of making — a box of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Fallon had the honor of revealing a giant version of the box with Kim's face on it right there in his studio. 

Check out all the surprises in the video below:


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