Watch As This Man Uses A Mesmerizing Technique To Transform Cotton Candy Into A Flower

The most beautiful street food we ever did see.

Round and round the cotton candy goes until suddenly — a flower begins to bloom.

In a video from 2014, posted on YouTube, a street vendor starts with a ball of green cotton candy and proceeds to twirl another white layer around it. 

At this point, it doesn't look like much. But then he pauses, takes a thin stick, and shapes the white layer to look like flower petals. 


From there, the man behind the machine continues to add blue, yellow, and pink layers that together form a cotton candy flower creation almost too beautiful to eat.

Street food is a longstanding tradition in Chinese culture. In 1993, The New York Times published an article by Elaine Louie entitled "A Savory Guide To the Exotica Of Chinatown's Food Vendors" that opened with this eloquent note:

"A thousand years ago, in the villages of China at the beginning of the Sung dynasty, before there were restaurants, and before peasants had ovens, food vendors roamed mud streets."

More recently, in a Mashable article published on Friday, the publication highlighted four different street food vendors who are turning their food craft into art.

From cotton candy flowers to sugar painting (below), each unique presentation is a treat for the eyes.

Be sure to watch the cotton candy flower come to life below:

(H/T: Mashable)


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