Haunting Images Of Babies Crying Are Floating In China's Sky. But Why?

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In a video by Chinese company Xiao Zhu, it is said that more than 500,000 people die of disease caused by air pollution each year. 

In 2013, The Atlantic reported dangerous levels of air pollution in Beijing, affecting millions of people's well-being: 

"Long-term solutions seem distant, as China's use of coal continues to rise, and the government remains slow to acknowledge and address the problems," Alan Taylor writes.


So recently, images of screaming babies appeared in the sky. But why?

Unfortunately, many of those negatively affected by air pollution are children.

So in an effort to "let the future breathe," and draw attention to those lives in danger, Xiao Zhu projected images of babies crying into the smoke clouds puffing violently from factories.

To combat the pollution, Greenpeace has worked to "push the government to update its Air Quality Objectives, which are 20 years out of date and far below World Health Organization (WHO) standards," according to their website. They also have a list of "simple solutions," including improving the urban environment by filling it with green spaces.

A real-time air quality index reveals more:

China is covered in moderate to high index readings (orange and red), including an "unhealthy" reading of 153 in Beijing this week.

"After decades of rising pollution levels, China has begun acknowledging the threat by regularly publishing updates on levels of dangerous PM2.5, tiny particles in the air that at sufficient quantities reduce visibility and increase health risks," The Huffington Post reported in February. Moreover, they have "plans to cut coal usage by 75 percent by 2022."

Hopefully, these haunting images will continue to stay engrained in the minds of those determined to make a change.

(H/T: Fubiz)


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