What The Hell Is This Weirda** Garage Thing, And Is It Going To Change The World?


While an innovative garage may not change the world per se, it certainly may change the world of parking — which, for those of us without public transportation, pretty much is the entire world. 

Well, this video of a solo garage posted on Trending in China might just be the thing we car-folk have been waiting for. The video shows a weird little pod with a black and white tube-y hood that envelopes the vehicle, like a snake eating a mouse. The invention protects the car from the elements, and is pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread. 

We kinda hope the solo garage catches on and makes traditional garages obsolete —because who needs a space to store your mom's collection of Precious Moments figurines when you have entire rooms in the house dedicated to that anyway?  


1. Just pull up to the pod...

2. ...and back up...

3. ...keep backin' up.

Watch the full video below to see the amazingness unfold. Literally.

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