Little Girl Hangs From Her Window, But A Local Man Uses A Mop To Miraculously Save Her


Using only a mop, a local hero hung from the side of a building to lift a little girl to safety.

"I heard her calling for help and quickly ran over," Wang Baocheng told CCTV. "I saw that the girl's head was stuck and it was holding her up."


"While suspended on the window pane, Wang held the toddler in place with the mop until her parents came home and brought her inside about 10 minutes later," The World Post reports.

This video was caught on a camera from a mobile device.

In the video, viewers can see Wang holding onto the top of his window, using his right hand to hold the mop beneath the girl's legs, dangling anxiously in mid-air. Her window appears slightly ajar, which shows just how dangerous even the slightest opening can be for a toddler.

Following the incident, a neighbor appropriately told CCTV, "I think his brave and courageous actions are worthy of praise."

Thankfully, Yahoo! News reports that the girl was unharmed — a miracle in the face of such pending tragedy.


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