Chimpanzees Spot Drone In Their Enclosure, Quickly Go To Work

What a clever animal.

Humans aren't the only ones freaked out by flying drones. Apparently, chimpanzees aren't huge fans, either. 

Chimp Tushi, who lives in the Dutch Burgers' Zoo in the Netherlands, was evidently a bit surprised when she saw zookeepers fly a $2,100 drone in her enclosure, which she shares with 13 other chimps.

The 23-year-old chimp posted up in a tree, waited for the drone to come close and then smacked it down with two branches she was holding. It was quick and easy, and the message was clear: no drones in here. 

"It doesn't surprise that Tushi did this," zoo spokesman Baas Lukkenaar told the Associated Press. "She is very handy with sticks."  


Watch the full video here:


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