7 Children's Books Rewritten To Be Way More Relatable

"Oh, The Places You'll Instagram"

Let's be honest, most kids today are way more excited to play on an iPad than read a children's book over and over. But you might prefer the latter once you see how these children's classics have been recreated to address your modern day struggles. 

The team over at Distractify recreated the titles of children's classics to have a hilarious modern day twist. In their photo series, "If Classic Children's Books Were Written Now," they edit books such as Judy Blume's Are You There God? It's Me Margaret and Louise Fitzhugh's Harriet the Spy to address more millennial strugs.  

"We were thinking about what our favorite children's books would be like if they were actually relevant to our lives now," Distractify writer Margot Harris told A Plus. "Frankly, we thought it would be funny to corrupt our childhood books." 

Graphic Designer Kristi Olberding then transformed the classic covers with the modern titles the team came up with. 


Check some of them out below:

1. Because many mysteries can be easily solved on Facebook.

2. Because you know you're going to pull out your phone wherever you go.

3. Because by the time you finally decide what to order, you're already starving.

4. Because Tinder dates are the worst.

5. Because texting is so much easier.

6. Because we just can't.

7. Because Pizza Rat came into our lives and stole a slice of our hearts.


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