Children Devastated By War In Aleppo Have A Few Questions For The Presidential Candidates

Listen up Hillary and Trump!

Last month, people were a bit shocked, for good reason, to find out Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson didn't know what Aleppo was — the Syrian city is still a serious international crisis that isn't getting enough attention this election season.

Huffington Post just released a video featuring real children living in the most devastated parts of Aleppo, asking the presidential candidates a few important questions.

"When will you come and stop Bashar?" one child asks. "Because he's attacking us, killing children and blockading us."

About 250,000 people in Aleppo — including 100,000 children — are trapped in the city as the fighting has intensified between Syrian rebels and the government.

"When will you start protecting us from the planes?" a child asks the candidates in the video.

As of August, about 4,500 children in Aleppo died as a result of the bombardment of airstrikes.

One child in the video asks, "Don't you think it's wrong that little children are dying?"


On the issue of Aleppo, the positions of the two major candidates couldn't be more different. Hillary Clinton wants no-fly zones, safe zones and to potentially bring up war crimes charges against the Syrians. Donald Trump believes that trying to protect civilians in Aleppo is a lost cause.

There are many ways that people have provided resources for children in Aleppo. Anyone interested in contributing emergency relief to these children can contact non-profit organizations like Mercy-USA.


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