14 Things You Did With Your Childhood BFFs That Will Make You Miss Them

Everything was better with your greatest pals by your side.

Today, technology like video chatting and social media make long distances seem so much shorter, and give us new ways to entertain those friends who may be far away. For example, instead of setting up a board game with a million pieces, now you can meet up with anyone with a multiplayer game like Monster Strike on your phone. Board games got nothing on that kind of accessibility. 

But your childhood was just as glorious. You may not have had apps and iPhones, but you did plenty of entertaining things with your best friends. From writing secret notes to our sidekicks, to spending hours playing pretend, you shared so many beautiful memories with your childhood BFFs.

Here are some activities that were extra special: 


1. Talked in code over the phone.

You and your BFFs had a super secret language that only you two understood. So, just in case a parent walked in the room or someone else picked up another landline, you were covered. 

2. Passed notes in class.

No day went by without passing notes back-and-forth between you and your best bud. How else were you going to get through the school day? You guys got so good at it, you never got caught. 

3. Played board games.

No matter what the board game was, it was always best when you played with your closest friends. You always knew who you'd have by your side during a team game. 

4. Went through monumental changes together.

So many changes happen throughout childhood. Whether that meant an adjustment in your family life or an alteration in the way you look, your best friends were there to help you process it all. 

5. Taught each other "bad" words.

As soon as you learned a new word and what it meant, you passed on the info to your pal. You couldn't leave 'em in the dark. 

6. Made prank calls.

Whether you were pulling one over on someone you knew or a total stranger, making prank calls with your friend was one of the most fun ways to pass the time together. 

7. Covered up for each other.

You did whatever it took to make sure your sidekick didn't get in trouble. When it came to telling on your friend, your lips were sealed. It may have meant fibbing now and then, but you did it in the name of love. 

8. Trick-or-treated together.

Halloween wasn't the same without them by your side. Afterward, you'd spill out all your goodies and trade each other. 

9. Exposed each other to new music.

As soon as you found a new song or band you liked, you passed it on. 

10. Watched movies you were too young to see.

You both knew you weren't supposed to, but you both did it anyway. At least if you both had nightmares, you could swap stories in the morning. 

11. Played pretend.

Whether you used dolls and action figures to imagine a fantastical life or just played the roles yourselves, your imagination ran wild together. 

12. Went to the video store together.

There was something about browsing through shelves of videos with your bestie that streaming services can never recreate.

13. You shared everything.

Sharing was caring when it came to your closest pals. 

14. Fought and made up.

Everyone has arguments, but you two made sure no fight would break you up for good. You learned to forgive and forget. 

Share this with your childhood bestie.


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