When A Child Interrupts His Speech, He Teaches A Lesson That Transcends All Religions


When Iranian speaker Agha Panahiyan was giving a lecture on religious values, he was interrupted by a little girl in the audience. 

"Can I come up?" we hear the little voice shout from offscreen in a video posted by Elhaam Magazine. Without missing a beat, Panahiyan invites the child onstage to sit on his lap. He then goes on to improvise a very important lesson based on the toddler's brazen decision to get on stage.

The lesson he taught transcend all religions. 


Here's what he said...

Aside from the fact that this man's voice is like buttuh, we can all take cues from the little girl, who represents the purity of childhood — a time then you have a certain lack of awareness for "socially accepted behavior" and can just "be," enabling a sense of freedom few adults experience.  

(H/T: Reddit

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