Chicago Uber Driver Returns Wallet With $3000 In It To Newly Arrived Immigrant

Five stars, definitely.


A Chicago Uber driver has definitely earned a 5-star rating by returning a wallet containing $3000 that he found in the back of his car after dropping off a passenger from the Ukraine who had just arrived that day at O'Hare Airport.

Jose Figueroa told ABC11 News that he dropped the man off in River Grove, a suburb outside of the city, when he realized that the man had left his wallet in the back seat of his car.

The man had told Figueroa that he had sold his business. The money was the man's life savings.

Because the Uber app deletes passenger phone numbers when the ride ends, Figueroa had no way of contacting the man. But, as reports, that didn't stop Figueroa from going back to the neighborhood where he dropped him off and ringing doorbells until he found the right house.

ABC11 reports that Figueroa eventually found the man and his sister, who tearfully thanked him and insisted he stay for dinner before sending him back out with a $100 tip.

"I mean there was temptation. I'll be honest with you," Figueroa told ABC11. "But me being a Christian, I couldn't. I wanted to make sure I sleep good, so that's what I did. I returned the money and the wallet."

Cover photo via AOL/Jose Figueroa.

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(H/T: ABC11)


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