Chicago Trains Will Turn Into Rolling Libraries For A Week

What book should we choo-choose?

Reading on public transit is one of the best ways to distract yourself from how miserable public transit is. The folks behind Chicago Ideas Week want to help people appreciate what a great escape reading is from the crushing realities of commuting, so they're decided to give people into the habit by making trains mobile libraries for a week.

From October 12 to 18, riders will be able to borrow books for the duration of their rides. Chicago Ideas will place hundreds of books throughout the city, featuring authors who are speaking at the festival, like Martine Rothblatt, Michael Strahan and Senator Claire McCaskill.

People are asked not to take books from the trains, which is an ambitious test of the honor system we tip our hats to. We've seen public transit put people's sanity to the ultimate test, so we hope a lot of the selections are about meditation, or maybe just photo books with closeups of puppies and the ocean.



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