Woman Throws Baby Shower For Over 100 Moms Who Couldn't Afford To Have One

"For a lot of them, this is their only baby shower."

To give back to her community, Evelyn Jones hosted a community baby shower for over 100 women at the St. Bernard hospital in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood. Jones — who has worked at the hospital for 37 years and is currently vice president of nursing services — told ABC News that the women were all very "grateful and so appreciative" as this is the only baby shower many of them have had. 

Englewood is a neighborhood plagued with violence, and one in four households is considered poor. "It's a very violent area, with a lot of crime and shootings. The hospital has been there 114 years, and we've seen the neighborhood change," Jones added. 


Each woman was showered in love, provided with a catered lunch, and given a gift such as a stroller, portable crib, or diapers.

Jones took on the heavy lifting of planning the shower and used most of her own money to make it a successful event. This year, she spent roughly $1,000 on gifts. Other hospital workers helped donate items, too.

"I store it [gifts] in my garage and it gets to where I can't park there," she said. "I have a two-car garage but I can't park in there" because of all the gifts. 

The showers also serve as an educational event for the mothers-to-be as professionals attend to discuss postpartum care and parenting newborns. 

"The babies were dying from suffocation because the moms had the babies sleeping in the bed with them or with siblings," Jones said. "My focus was buying a lot of gifts for safe sleep, and I had one of the nurses teach infant CPR so they know what to do while they're calling 911."

"It was fun and exciting," Rosietta Cobb, 22, who never had a baby shower before told ABC News.  "I think they are really sweet to have thrown [the baby shower]."

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