Chemistry Teacher Makes His Classroom Hellish With His Crazy Experiment

The floor is hot lava!

For many kids, chemistry class doesn't rank as one of their favorite high school memories. It's not easy to compete with things like receiving your first valentine from a classmate or winning a fight against your 7th grade bully.

But we think this teacher's students will be talking about this for a while.

Identified by The Daily Mail as Gary Benz, he was caught on tape demonstrating the effects of liquid methane to his class. The experiment was explained by one very attentive Reddit user

"Using liquid nitrogen, you are able to turn methane into a liquid by cooling it. By lighting the liquid and spilling it over the floor, it ignites and spreads."


Kids and, more importantly, adults, do not try this at home.

Some more proof that chemistry class is actually the raddest.

This teacher can probably "set fire to the rain" too.

What kind of sorcery is this?

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