Little Girl Passes Out Burritos To Firefighters Battling The Carr Fire

She wanted to show her gratitude.

The Carr fire has burned down 103,000 acres in Northern Calfornia since it began a week ago. The deadly fire had taken the lives of six people and police have received nearly 48 missing person reports, according to CNN.

As first responders work day and night to help those in the fire's wake, locals are banding together to demonstrate their support for the people keeping them safe.

As reported by NBC News, Chelsey Lutz, a resident of Shasta County, made breakfast for the firefighters who have been working relentlessly to put out the fire. Members of Lutz's family are part of the team helping to calm the storm. Lutz's daughter, Gracie, 2, told KVOA News that she wanted to show how thankful she was for the firefighters.

In a video, posted to Facebook, Gracie is seen passing out the breakfast burritos to the workers. Her mom said they plan on coming back for dinner and serving spaghetti.

Watch her beautiful act of kindness above.


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