Chelsea Handler Reminds Us Why It's So Important For Women To Support Other Women

"You don't have to be best friends ... but you have to be a sister to them."

In its ongoing Women Who Dare series, Harper's Bazaar celebrates female trailblazers pushing the world forward. The 2017 issue features women such as Roxane Gay, Halima Aden, and Ebonee Davis, among others.

"The new generation of #WomenWhoDare are those who refuse to conform," Harper's Bazaar captions on a YouTube video from the series. "They dare to do the impossible, encouraging young visionaries to break — not just push — boundaries, inspiring people worldwide to fight for what they believe in."

Chelsea Handler kicked off the series last week by speaking about why it's so important for women to support other women

"It's so important to have women around you that will show up for you. Not once, not twice, not when they're in the mood, not when they're in a good mood. You have to show up for people because it makes you a better person," Handler explains in the video. 

"Women need to be like families to each other," she continues. "As my best friend, Mary says, 'You don't have to be best friends with everybody. You don't have to be best friends with people you don't like. But you have to be a sister to them.' " 


Handler has exemplified her support for other women through her interview series on her former Netflix talk show, Chelsea, as well as her recent announcement that she will be committing her time next year to political activism. She has joined forces with EMILY's List, an organization that aims to "elect more women to public office, register people to vote, and campaign for candidates who are fighting for women's rights."

Finally, Handler talks about how the election has taught her to be "kinder, gentler, and to listen. A lot more. And talk a lot less. That's why I can't stop talking." 

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