Chelsea Handler Reacts To Outdated Dating Advice And Reminds Women To Break The 'Rules'

We feel fortunate to not be dating in 1938.

Books, magazines, and other women have been giving out dating advice to women for what seems like forever. As our societies change and evolve, revisiting some of that advice shows just how outdated and cringe-worthy it is today. 

In a new video for Glamour, comedian Chelsea Handler does just that. She's given some old-fashioned advice from history to react to and offers her own modern-day tips, which are, of course, laced with humor. All of the pieces of advice she reads during the video seem to say that women should hold back. 

Take this piece of dating advice from 1938 that drinking makes most women seem silly:


"We've all gotten silly and sloppy and gross and it's not a good look," Handler said. "But do whatever makes you happy. And if alcohol makes you happy? Then it's your obligation to make it happy ... and suck it down."

Can we use this video as an opportunity to all agree that women should do whatever they feel is right when it comes to dating? Instead of encouraging women to refrain from being their true selves, let's encourage them to seek partners who love and accept them who they are. Even if who they are is someone who drinks too much and gets "silly."

See what other old-fashioned advice women used to hear in the video below:


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