Chelsea Clinton Brings 'Perspective' To Obsession With Her Mother's Health

Hillary Clinton's daughter responded to frantic reports her mom injured her toe.

Chelsea Clinton has gotten the hang of Twitter.

We've reported on how she has used Twitter to defend the Trump family, respond to hate and break down complicated issues like the link between climate change and child marriage. But on Monday, she used Twitter to give everyone some perspective about news reports that were circulating around her mother, Hillary. 


Chelsea's tweet came after Fox News and a number of other outlets picked up on the news her mom had suffered a lower leg injury, stoking familiar criticisms about the former Secretary of State's health. The Fox News tweet Chelsea was responding to had over 700 retweets and more than 3,000 responses. Her own tweet, though, which tried to direct people's attention to the more pressing matter of Puerto Rico's hurricane relief, has been retweeted more than 25,000 times.

Chelsea's concern is well placed. 

We reported last week that less than 20 percent of the island has power. That number is still hovering around 17 percent. 35 percent of the island is still without running, drinkable water and more than one in five gas stations still haven't been refueled. The death toll, too, continues to rise, with the most recent number at 48 but more expected to be reported in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, controversy erupted last week when the statistics on Puerto Rico's recovery were unexpectedly removed from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) website. 

Fortunately, some people seem to still be paying attention. As Chelsea appears to understand, the more attention given to Puerto Rico, the better off the island may be.

If you want to give a hand, there are plenty of ways to step up. If you're financially able, you can donate to organizations like Global Giving Foundation or United for Puerto Rico, which are both sending money directly towards hurricane relief efforts. GoFundMe has also launched an entire page dedicated to charities and funds that you can browse and pick from.

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