When They Logged On To Chatroulette, They Didn't Expect To Find This

Who needs Xbox?

When you log on to Chatroulette, you normally see some shenanigans like this.


However, RealmPictures decided to come up with one of the coolest concepts for the video chat service that we have ever seen.

The result? A live action first person zombie shooter and it is amazing. As they explained in the behind the scenes video, they didn't want to just do something that involved a pre-recorded video.

Instead they decided that the viewer or "player" was going to be the most important factor in this video and they would have the power to dictate everything the onscreen player does.

In order to do that, they hooked up a GoPro to a bike helmet, which was connected to a device that streamed the HDMI video to viewers at home.

The result is astonishing. You're dropped into the game as the character, trapped in some sort of closet.

Naturally, there is a zombie right at your feet and you need to get out. You have a few options, such as a crowbar and a set of keys lying on the floor. But the character only does what you tell him to do, so you have to act quick.

Once you figure out how to escape, things get pretty crazy.

Right off the bat, there is a hoard of zombies heading towards you. What is one to do? How about find a shotgun and start kicking some zombie butt.

Basically, you decide your own fate. Don't get overrun though, because you can die and then it's onto the next player.

This is just level one though. C heck out how to beat this one and be on the lookout for the next level on Chatroulette.


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