Jimmy Fallon Is No Match For Charlize Theron's Killer Moves In The Latest Dance Battle

"How do you make that look cool?"

Jimmy Fallon knows just what we need to get ready for the weekend. On Thursday night, he and celebrity guest Charlize Theron went head to head in another epic installment of Dance Battle. In the past, Fallon has gone up against Jennifer Lopez, Kate Upton, and Heidi Klum to make up the most creative new dance moves based on randomly generated phrases.


We've loved the previous versions of the game, but we're especially impressed by Theron, who makes even the most ridiculous moves look badass. (The soundtrack of '80s music inspired by her new movie Atomic Blonde definitely helps.)

"How do you make that look cool?" Fallon wonders after the actress shows off her best "Slap the Giraffe." We'll definitely keep it in mind the next time we're on the dance floor.

Theron also displays perfect form for "The Tennis Pro," even though she says she doesn't play tennis. We think the Williams sisters would be proud. 

"How do you do that in heels?" Fallon marvels.

In the end, the pair puts their competition aside to perform the final dance move together. It's called the "Double Kayak," and we'll leave it up to you to guess what that looks like.

See every ridiculous move in the video below:


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